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If your desktop is like mine was before I discovered desktop girls, then you probably find it can get a bit dull at times. We've all tried different ways of spicing up the desktop - girl wallpapers, sexy screensavers and assorted adult desktop themes, but none of these match the thrill of having a virtual girl stripping on your desktop while you're waiting for that file to download or website to load up...

Here, you will find great Products, as well as the VirtuaGirl Latest 50 Release, and finally some of the best Links.

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  • VirtuaGirl

    With more than a 1,000 shows to choose from, all in HD quality, VirtuaGirl is the Number 1 Sexy Software in the World! It brings the Strippers in your place!

  • DeskBabes

    Enjoy 30 to 45 minutes of show per HOT GIRLS solo and duos making out on your desktop. Girls get naked, caress and have pleasure on your taskbar just like in live.

  • Encyclopedia of Sex

    This useful and fun tool not only fully illustrates today's most daring, delightful, and delicious sexual positions but it does it in state-of-the-art erotic 3D animation.